SROTimes Ver. 1.282 Changelog

 - Job cave mobs drop has been fixed.
- Item mall avatars has been changed.
- Added new avatars at Magic Pop.
- Game sound is now working.
- Mercenaries has been removed.
- Starter Tickets can be sold to NPC now.
- SOS items stats has been fixed.
- Potions stack has been increased to 5k.
- Luck Powders stack has been increased to 250.
- Added pet clock 1 day at npc for gold.
- FW time has been changed to (Sunday 8:00 PM GMT +2).

SroTimes Ver. 1.273 Changelog

 - Added 3 days speed (100%) at (Item Manager) for 30 millions.
- Arena coins has been removed from Scrolls (Mixed Tab).
- Added 1 Day EXP Ticket to (Item Manager) for 30 Arena Coins.
- Added 1 Day SP Ticket to (Item Manager) for 25 Arena Coins.
- All item mall items is now tradable.
- Monsters respawn has been adjusted.
- Items Sell Price has been fixed.
- Added academy chat instead of the alchemy.
- Guild / Job penalty has been decreased to 1 day.
- Lv. 60 Horse's HP is now double.
- Increased Elements Stack to 20k.
- Added new 4 Avatars at item Mall (F10).
- Added Daily Skill Points Quests (Job & Regular) @ Quests Manager at Hotan.

Fortress War

Our first Fortress-War will be tomorrow Friday 04/6 20:00 GMT +2

Vaalidh chilling stream.


  - Fixed battle arena registration issue.

  - Changed Battle Arena Reward (Winners will gain 20 arena,activity points instead of 15,losers will gain 10 arena,activity points instead of 5)

  - Changed the ctf Reward (Winners will gain 10 arena instead of 5).

  - increased the amount of coins,points you get while killing your ctf opponent to be 2 arena coins, 1 trophy,2 activity points instead of 1 

  - The usage of exchange,exit,restart out of the safe zone has been enabled again.

  - Added 30 seconds of delay in exchange button.

  - Added 60 second on both restart,exit functionality.

  - The  usage of stall is currently disabled out of the safe zone.

  • OFF has killed Demon Shaitain 1 hour ago

  • Kashiru has killed Uruchi 1 hour ago

  • B0rNT0BKing has killed Creberus 57 mins ago

  • B0rNT0BKing has killed Captain Ivy 48 mins ago

  • Nebula has killed Tiger Girl 5 mins ago

  • Haza has killed Isyutaru 1 hour ago

  • WatchMe has killed Uruchi 1 hour ago

  • Leafar has killed Creberus 2 hours ago

  • Kashiru has killed Captain Ivy 2 hours ago

  • Leafar has killed Lord Yarkan 2 hours ago